Small Business Saves Big on Energy: Añejo Bar & Grill

Part of what makes San Diego a world-class place to live and visit is the variety of restaurants – many of them family-owned businesses that embody the American spirit of hard work and innovation.

Añejo Bar & Grill in Escondido is that and more.

Although restaurants tend to be small businesses, they typically have high energy use due to cooking and food preparation plus heating, ventilation and cooling. Añejo Bar & Grill is leading the way in implementing smart technologies and innovative solutions to show how small businesses can save big on energy.

This family-run restaurant was recently honored for adopting energy efficiency upgrades that keep their food hot and their customers cool at SDG&E’s 12th Annual Energy Showcase awards ceremony, which recognizes forward-thinking businesses that are making a big impact on reducing their carbon footprint.

Technology and comfort

Through SDG&E’s Business Energy Solutions Program, owners Robert and Viviana Maldonado received a free energy audit and one-on-one consultation services to learn more about their restaurant’s energy consumption, SDG&E rebates, and equipment that would reduce energy use while helping them save money. New energy-efficient LED lighting and smart thermostats were installed, resulting in an increased level of comfort for diners and “awesome energy savings” according to Robert Maldonado, adding that he’s sleeping better at night because the smart thermostats allow him to easily monitor and program temperatures in the restaurant.

Watch this short video to learn more about how Añejo Bar & Grill embodies a small business with big energy savings ideas. Or visit to learn how your business can save energy and save money.


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