How Natural Gas Fuels Palomar Medical Center

Palomar Medical Center in Escondido is driven by its mission to heal, comfort and promote health in the communities they serve. At SDG&E we support the medical center’s mission by providing them with clean, safe and reliable natural gas helping the medical center keep their operations running smoothly every day.

“Natural gas is economical and clean, and clean air is very important for those little lungs I take care of,” said Joan-Marie Reker, a registered nurse who takes care of the area’s littlest patients at Palomar Medical Center in Escondido.

In addition to providing heat to warm rooms and cook meals for the facility’s patients, hospitals like this one also utilize natural gas to maintain a sterile environment. Each day, an enormous amount of hot water is required to sanitize medical equipment and instruments, as well as linens.

Watch this video to see why a reliable supply of natural gas is critical for Palomar Medical Center and the patients it serves: