How Natural Gas Fuels San Diego’s Restaurants

A San Diego landmark, The Waterfront Bar & Grill, has been serving locals with cold beverages and good meals at a friendly bar stool for more than 80 years, since it opened shortly after prohibition. The Cline family’s roots in the restaurant business date back to Chad Cline’s great-grandfather, then to his grandmother and mother, who have all run the Waterfront Bar & Grill, along with the Werewolf and Harbor Town Pub. And, an integral part to serving up success is having a reliable energy source.

“The restaurant business is very competitive, and I’d say that natural gas helps us keep our costs down and helps us stay competitive. We use natural gas for the ovens, dryers, griddles, char broilers, salamanders, we use natural gas for the stovetops, and every single thing in my kitchen that cooks food is being supplied with natural gas,” according to Chad Cline.

Every year, visitors to San Diego also enjoy these eateries as well as many of our region’s more than 2,500 other full-service restaurants that employ over 100,000 San Diego residents. Cline recognizes that having a reliable flow of natural gas is key to making his customers happy.

“Our goal at all the places and the only thing we care about is making people happy. We’re just trying to make the best product we can for the customers at the best price we can give it to them. The restaurant business is a family tradition and the best way to honor that is to be here a long time. Natural gas is something that will help me make that happen,” Cline said.

Watch this video to learn more about these three popular San Diego restaurants and how natural gas is critical to helping them serve their customers.