Battery Storage "Critical" to Reducing Carbon

Removing carbon emissions from the power grid – or decarbonizing – requires collaboration, innovation and a shared goal.

At SDG&E we are focused on becoming the cleanest energy company in America. One way we’re working to achieve this vision is by building the world’s largest lithium ion battery storage facility in coordination with multiple agencies.

On January 30, we were proud to have Emily Shults, our vice president of energy procurement join California Public Utilities Commission President, Michael Picker and others at a news conference to share how collaboration was key to the nearly completing the energy storage project in less than eight months.

At the news conference, the CEO of the California Independent System Operator (ISO) told reporters that battery storage is an absolute critical component as we decarbonize our power grid.

In the coming days, the Escondido facility is expected to begin operating and will be capable of serving approximately 20,000 customers for four hours when it is called upon.  These 40,000 batteries will act like a sponge – soaking up our ever increasing amounts of clean energy when there is an abundance and then releasing it back into the power grid when it is needed most to meet customers’ energy needs.