Natural Gas — Powering Your Every Day

It’s easy to take natural gas for granted. We don’t think twice when we turn on the heat or put our clothes in the dryer. It heats up our showers and cooks our meals. You may not realize it, but natural gas is powering your every day. It’s reliable, affordable and one of the most plentiful energy sources in the nation. Natural gas is a foundation fuel in our region and provides benefits for our customers and our communities.  


There is no shortage of natural gas; the United States Energy Information Administration estimates that America has nearly 2,500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves underground; enough to meet the nation’s energy needs for the next 100 years.  This supports the nation’s and California’s direction to become more energy independent.


More than 40 percent of the natural gas that comes into San Diego goes directly to the region’s electric power plants that keep the lights on at our homes and businesses.  Nearly 40 percent is delivered to warm our homes, cook food and dry clothing, with the remainder of the gas fueling our commercial and industrial customers, including the military, tourism, tech and biotech industries.


There is a large reserve of natural gas due to a surge in domestic production. Natural gas is often purchased when prices are lowest and stored for when demand increases, making it one of the most affordable energy sources and a key part of SDG&E’s diverse energy portfolio.


Natural gas offers environmental benefits to San Diego. While more than 40 percent of the energy we deliver to our customers today is renewable energy, the remainder of the electricity is generated by natural gas. And, as we strive to move closer to deliver 50 percent from green energy sources, natural gas will continue to be the foundational fuel enabling these aggressive renewable goals.

Watch this video to learn more about how natural gas powers your day: