Natural Gas is part of our Renewable Future

California is leading the way to a healthier future through reducing carbon emissions and San Diego is following that same path.

California is leading the way to a healthier future through reducing carbon emissions and San Diego is following that same path. In fact, the City of San Diego recently took the top spot for private solar earning the distinction of being named the city with the most installed solar panel systems in America.

At SDG&E, we’re embracing clean energy innovation as well. From employee invented technology like the Renewable Meter Adaptor, that makes solar faster, safer and more affordable to install, to our online and fast track application processes that have streamlined the connection process for many of our customers who have chosen to install private solar.

And, while the state has set an aggressive course that includes more renewable energy and less greenhouse gas emissions over the next decade to achieve the goal of cleaner air; SDG&E is bringing more clean energy solutions to our communities.

Integrating more clean energy      

The power we provide our customers today is some of the cleanest in the nation, with more than 43 percent of the electricity we provide customers being sourced from renewable energy in 2016. We’ve successfully transitioned away from coal and added more wind and solar power, but we also rely on clean natural gas to produce nearly the rest of the power we deliver.

Natural gas provides needed reliability when renewable sources like wind and solar are not available when our customers need energy. It has also been an integral reason why we became the first investor owned utility to reach the 33 percent renewable mandate.

A critical driver to this success was the construction of the Sunrise Powerlink, an electric transmission line connecting our local electric grid with the renewable-rich Imperial Valley. Energized in 2012, this line is responsible for bringing nearly half of all the solar and wind power that SDG&E provides to customers.

And, as we add more renewable energy to our portfolio, clean natural gas generation will continue to play a critical role in implementing California’s climate action policies. Natural gas provides power at night when our customers’ solar systems are not generating, and when the larger solar and wind facilities that we contract with are not producing power. 

Natural gas also provides stability to the electric grid as our operators and the state’s grid operators manage the addition of different resources and technologies available to us today. Natural gas is a low-carbon fuel that plays a key role in achieving California’s environmental goals and requirements, creating cleaner communities for our families tomorrow.