Slow and Steady Heats this Place

Has this winter weather got you turning to your heater more this week to keep warm? What you may not realize is that the natural gas that fuels your furnace today started to head your way nearly five days ago.

Because most of the natural gas we use in California – more than 90 percent - is produced out of state from basins in Texas and New Mexico, we plan ahead to ensure our pipes have enough natural gas when we need it. Here in San Diego, thousands of homes, businesses, schools, restaurants, hotels, and the military all rely on natural gas as a safe and reliable fuel source each and every day.

The Journey to Your Front Door

Once the raw natural gas is extracted from production wells, it flows under pressure through the pipeline system, propelled by compressor stations. And, because natural gas travels very slowly, about 10 to 20 miles per hour, it takes about five full days to eventually reach California. Once it enters SDG&E’s natural gas transmission system, it travels throughout San Diego County via two primary pipelines which then interconnect with a larger network.

From here, the journey continues to your stovetop and other gas appliances, take a look here.

Natural gas is a foundation fuel in our region and SDG&E’s natural gas system is designed, constructed and operated to ensure the safest and most reliable delivery to your home.