Celebrating Natural Gas Utility Workers' Day

It takes a small army of highly trained workers to safely deliver natural gas to the 880,000 customers in our region, so they can rely on it to keep their homes warm, prepare food, and heat water.  

This Sunday is the day to recognize these hard-working men and women. Please join us in celebrating Natural Gas Utility Workers' Day on March 18 by giving a shout out to our nearly 400 gas workers who serve San Diego and south Orange counties.

Every year we join utilities across the nation to mark this day to raise public awareness of the role gas workers play in delivering clean and affordable energy to power everything from restaurants and public transit buses to barbecues and fireplaces.

As part of our commitment to public safety, we have gas crews staged throughout our service territory who are dedicated to responding to natural gas emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These crews spring into action at a moment’s notice  to respond to natural gas emergencies day or night. 

Our gas employees are responsible for maintaining about 8,200 miles of natural gas distribution and transmission lines. To do this, they take part in ongoing rigorous technical training and testing.

Our strong record of quickly identifying, responding to and resolving problems is a testament to their skill and innovative safety programs.