Solar Panels Brighten Homes in Underserved Community

More families in underserved communities are powering their homes with sunshine – thanks to newly installed solar panels made possible by a partnership between our company and a nonprofit organization committed to making renewable energy and job training accessible to underserved communities.

Over the past three years, SDG&E has teamed up with GRID Alternatives San Diego to expand access to clean energy for local families who may not otherwise be able to afford solar panels for their homes.

We not only support these types of solar installations through our charitable giving, our employees contribute muscle power to make them happen. Last weekend, our Environmental All Stars team volunteered to put solar panels on two homes in southeastern San Diego. Last year, we worked on three solar installations, including one for the home of Jacqueline Jackson, a long-time advocate for the blind.

Ongoing Commitment to Expand Renewable Energy Access and Job Training

Part of a national organization with the same name, GRID Alternative San Diego has brought solar installations to low-income families in our region, from San Ysidro to Escondido. It also has provided job training to more than 2,600 people through its solar training program, which we are proud to support through our Environmental Champions grant program. 

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