Through June 3: Up to $125 off a Smart Thermostat

With the arrival of Memorial Day weekend, you know summer is just around the corner. Those hot days are coming – especially if you live in the inland communities in our region. You know you will be turning on your AC and perhaps, worry about how that would affect your monthly utility bill.

If you are still using an analog thermostat to manage your AC, you are missing out on ease, convenience and potentially, big monetary savings.

The good news is through June 3, you can get a deeply discounted Nest thermostat – a smart thermostat that turns itself down automatically when you are away and allows you to adjust the temperature in your house anywhere anytime via a smart phone app. Nest, in partnership with our company, is offering SDG&E customers up to $125 off on a Nest Thermostat.

You can get a Nest E for less than $100 (retail price of $169 minus $20 Nest discount and $75 rebate from SDG&E), and the Learning Thermostat for about half of its retail price, at around $125 (retail price of $249 minus $50 Nest discount and $75 rebate from SDG&E). 

With the purchase of a Nest thermostat, you also get a free smart speaker which doubles as a digital assistant: the Google Home Mini.

Set up the Google Mini to communicate with your Nest thermostat. Voila! Your voice is in control of your thermostat. You can turn up and down the temperature – literally without lifting one finger.

How Do You Get the Deal?

Getting this great deal is easy.

Step 1: Go to Select the Nest thermostat you want.
Step 2:  Fill out a short form, and you will be taken directly to the Nest website, where in addition to the $75 instant rebate SDG&E is offering, you will receive an additional $50 discount from Nest for  combined savings of up to $125. Along with the purchase, you will also receive a free Google Home Mini.

The Many Ways that You Can Save with a Smart Thermostat

Nest thermostats are equipped with room occupancy sensors, so they automatically go into savings mode when you are away. And Nest thermostats can be linked to smart speakers, whereby you can use voice commands to adjust the temperature in your room.

The Learning Thermostat literally learns your habits, so to speak, and adjusts itself accordingly.

But most importantly, the Nest smart phone app allows you to manage your AC to take advantage of the lowest rates offered under our time of use pricing plans and avoid the higher prices that are associated with peak hour use between 4-9 p.m.

Watch this short video to get tips on how to use your smart thermostat to save money.