Don’t Let a Mylar Balloon Power Down Your Valentine’s Day

Mylar balloons may sound like the perfect addition to chocolates and flowers this Valentine’s Day, but we want to remind our customers that these metallic decorations can also pose a hazard to our electric system if not handled properly.

When Mylar balloons are left untethered and outside, they may float into power lines, becoming tangled and causing unexpected power outages. The metallic coating—or Mylar—on the balloons is an excellent electrical conductor, so when it comes in contact with a power line, it can not only cause an outage in the neighborhood, but can even spark an electrical fire.

Make Sure a Balloon Doesn’t Cause Heartbreak

With safety as our top priority, SDG&E is offering helpful tips to avoid an outage and be safe in case you see Mylar balloons near overhead power lines:

  • Keep Mylar balloons indoors.
  • If you have Mylar balloons outdoors, make sure they are attached to a weight or securely tied down.
  • When disposing of Mylar balloons, be sure to puncture it several times; partially-inflated Mylar balloons can easily become airborne;
  • If a Mylar balloon—or any object—becomes entangled in an overhead power line, call 911 or SDG&E at 800-411-7343. Do not try to remove it yourself.

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