Storm Safety Tips

With another storm in the forecast for the area tomorrow, Friday, and expected to continue through Saturday, we are once again utilizing our innovative tools and expert meteorology team to prepare for strong winds and rain.

The storm is expected to be similar to what we experienced last month when the San Diego area was hit with heavy rain, strong winds and snow throughout the region. Using the nation’s largest utility-owned weather network, SDG&E is once again tracking the systems in advance and preparing for any weather-related impacts—which include helping to prevent outages when possible and efficiently dispatching crews to safely restore power where needed.

With your safety as a top priority, we want to remind you to follow these tips should an outage occur:

  • Use a flashlight—instead of candles—for light
  • If using a standby generator follow these safety tips
  • Turn off major appliances like dishwashers or televisions that were running when the power went out, to prevent them from starting unexpectedly when power is restored
  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed to keep food fresh
  • Leave one light on to alert you when power is restored

Don’t Touch That! 

If a person or piece of equipment comes in contact with an electric line, or if a line is down or broken SDG&E offers the following tips:

  • Call 911. Ask for the police department, fire department rescue service or SDG&E
  • If an accident causes a fire, fight it with a dry chemical or CO2 extinguisher
  • If possible, shut off the power
  • Don’t touch the person or any equipment involved. The line may still be energized and dangerous
  • Freeing someone from energized power lines or equipment should only be attempted by a qualified SDG&E employee or a trained rescuer such as a fire fighter
  • Always assume that power lines are energized unless you personally know they have been disconnected, and that they could not be reconnected without your knowledge

If a vehicle is involved and you are in it:

  • Sit quietly until help arrives
  • Warn others not to touch the vehicle
  • If the vehicle is on fire and you must leave it, open the door or window and jump clear without touching the vehicle and ground at the same time—do not allow yourself to be a path of electricity from the vehicle to the ground
  • Be careful not to fall back against the vehicle, and to avoid any wires on the ground

For additional outage preparedness tips and the latest information on power outages visit