Big Equipment Helps Deliver on Big Aspirations

Transmission towers and distribution lines are a visual reminder of how you receive safe and reliable power in your home or business every day. Behind the scenes, however, we are continuing to invest in new technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to improve reliability for our customers and help support the growing amount of renewable energy in the region.

Two recent examples of our efforts to modernize infrastructure to ensure long-term reliability and safety, and maximize the use of clean, sustainable energy include installing synchronous condensers at four existing substations throughout the region; and the Imperial Valley Phase-Shifting Transformer project.

Synchronous Condensers: 21 Letters that Spell Reliability

As more renewables are integrated onto the grid, the need for voltage support increases. Since power generated by renewable sources changes as the sun rises and sets and the wind increases or decreases, the power flow on the grid is constantly shifting creating an everchanging demand for power based on our customers’ needs.

Synchronous Condensers are innovative machines that control sudden increases or decreases in power as generating sources change, providing voltage support to stabilize the grid and ensure a steady flow of energy is delivered to our customers.

We are currently working to install seven synchronous condensers at four existing substations. Four of these machines are in-service and three others are under construction and scheduled to come online by mid-2018.

4 Million Pounds of Equipment to Strengthen the System

Earlier this year, we made another HUGE step toward enhancing reliability in the region. Weighing in at nearly 2 million pounds each, two phase-shifting transformers were safely placed into service to regulate the power flow at our Imperial Valley substation.

Phase-shifting transformers make it easy for SDG&E and the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) to control and optimize the flow of power to enhance the operation of the interconnected grid. This not only makes the grid safer and more reliable for our customers, but also helps us bring in more clean, renewable energy.

Over the past year, we have completed multiple electric transmission system enhancements that are strengthening the system, while providing voltage support. Click here to learn more about what we’re doing to become the cleanest, safest, most reliable energy company in America.