Comic-Con Goers: The Electric Force is With You

As hundreds of thousands of people descend on San Diego for Comic-Con this week, the Gaslamp District is swarming with the who’s who of Marvel Comics and Stars Wars movies. These costumed superheroes need energy – literally gazillions of electrons – to power all their gadgets and keep them air-conditioned.

Our electric superheroes are there for Comic-Con goers – prepared to avoid the power grid’s kryptonite.

With the world watching, we’ve made plans and taken extra precautions to make sure there are no power disruptions, no matter what the vampires say.

Think of our electric crews as Clark Kents. They are scheduled to remain in close proximity to the Convention Center until the last day of Comic-Con. If the Downtown San Diego area were to experience an interruption, our Clark Kents would immediately mobilize in Superman form to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.

Whether it’s for major cultural extravaganzas like Comic-Con or just ever day needs, we are committed to providing clean, safe and reliable power. Enjoy and may the Force be with you.