Save the Day and Keep Conserving Energy

With the heat wave forecasted to peak today, energy demand will be high on the power grid statewide, and everyone is urged to help reduce strain on the grid by continuing to reduce energy use between 5-9 p.m.

Today is the second day that the California Independent System Operator (ISO) – the statewide electric grid manager –  has issued a Flex Alert, calling on Californians to save energy. According to the ISO, today’s energy supplies relative to demand are expected to be the tightest for the current heat wave.

Yesterday, statewide demand on the grid peaked at 46,327 MW, which was under the forecasted peak by nearly 4 percent, thanks to consumer conservation efforts and demand response programs.

If you have already been conserving energy, thank you for your efforts, and please keep up the good work.

More Information

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