A Guide to Help You Survive Fires, Floods Earthquakes & More

This past week’s wildfires are a poignant reminder that we all need to have our personal emergency preparedness plan in place, so we know exactly what to do in the event of an evacuation.  

If you are wondering how to get your family ready, check out the San Diego Union-Tribune’s “Are You Ready?” guide. Published this past weekend as a supplement in the Sunday newspaper, the guide is available online.

The 32-page supplement is filled with helpful graphics and tips. Resources featured in the guide include:

  • Smart phone apps to download for up-to-date information on disasters
  • Checklist of essentials to stock to survive for up to three days
  • Books to read to understand risks and prepare
  • Key facts on earthquake, flood and fire insurance
  • Tips to get the elderly prepared
  • Graphic on how to create a defensible space or buffer around your home to reduce fire risk

Wildfire Threat

In addition, the guide includes maps that show the wildfire threat levels in our region and throughout California. Nearly our entire region is covered in varying shades of yellow, orange and red that indicate moderate, high, very high, and extreme fire risk.

Whereas in the past, only certain months of the year fell into the fire season, Californians now face wildfire threat year-round. With changes in climate conditions, record wildfires have erupted throughout California in recent years.

At SDG&E, we have implemented industry-leading programs and technologies to monitor and mitigate fire risk, including installing live-streaming cameras on mountain tops to enable early fire detection. Our wildfire preparedness capabilities, including our weather center and camera network, are featured in an article on the back page of the Union-Tribune’s guide.

More Information

On the SDG&E NewsCenter, we provide regular updates on our wildfire preparedness efforts and partnerships with local fire agencies. To learn more, click on thewildfire preparedness tab.