Scams Continue to Target Energy Company Customers

Spot the scammer, don't be a victim

Scams can take place in many forms, from email to mail, by phone or in person, and at SDG&E we want our customers to stay on high alert as scammers continue to falsely claim to be SDG&E.

Scammer on your doorstep

We were recently contacted by local media about a person knocking on doors claiming to work for us offering to install solar panels at customers’ homes. The first sign that this is a scam is that at SDG&E we don’t install private solar panels.

Every one of our employees on company business is required to carry a photo ID badge. If you encounter someone claiming to be an SDG&E employee, request to see his/her ID badge. You can also call us at 800-411-7343 and we will verify the employee name.

Most SDG&E workers wear uniforms but some don’t. If in doubt, always ask for identification or contact us.

Scammer on the phone

Another scam we have warned customers about is an ongoing pay-by-phone con targeting energy company customers throughout America. Business and residential customers have reported receiving calls from individuals misrepresenting themselves as SDG&E employees, demanding immediate payment with the threat of service shutoffs.

After warning a customer they are in jeopardy of immediate loss of service, scammers instruct customers to purchase prepaid debit cards, and then direct them to call another phone number to provide the card information, which allows the thieves to remove the cash value

Spot the Scammer

  • In Person: If someone comes to your door claiming to work for SDG&E, immediately ask for a picture identification badge. If the person can’t provide one, please report the incident to us.
  • On the Phone: SDG&E will never proactively contact customers to ask for immediate payment information by phone. If someone calls claiming that payment for SDG&E is due immediately, hang up and restart the call directly with SDG&E at 800-411-7343.
  • Report the Scam: If you believe you might have been a victim of fraud, please call us immediately at 800-411-7343 to report it.

Don’t be the next victim

New scams arise every day. For more information about our commitment to helping our customers avoid falling victim, visit