Wildfire Preparedness

Modernizing Our System to Be More Resilient

New equipment, technology and improved local collaboration are making SDG&E and the region...Read more

Together, We are Better Prepared to Fight Fires

San Diego is at the peak of what experts describe as a challenging fire season. The region has been...Read more

Innovation Enhances Safety: Wildfire Risk Reduction Model

Over the past decade, we have been expanding and leveraging innovative technologies so the region...Read more

Making Critical Connections: SDG&E Mobile Command Centers

One Sunday morning last June, as temperatures inched towards 100 degrees and gusty winds blew, a...Read more

SDG&E’s Aircrane: Saving Communities, One Big Water Drop at a Time

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Keeping Nature at a Safe Distance

From jacarandas to queen palms to crape myrtles, trees grace our communities, providing us with shade, clean air and beauty....Read more

Investing Today for a Safer Tomorrow

We’ve been preparing for the next wildfire for years, adding more crews and equipment,...Read more

Working Together to Improve Regional Safety

From beaches and bays, to deserts and mountains, the climate and terrain of San Diego County is...Read more

Infographic: SDG&E's Weather Network

Learn more about SDG&E's weather network, a critical component for reliability and response...Read more

Infographic: Enhanced Safety Measures

Full size PDF available for download...Read more

Infographic: Keeping Nature at a Safe Distance

Full size PDF available for download....Read more

Leveraging Technology and Partnering to Protect Our Communities from Wildfire

History has demonstrated over and over that there is no bigger threat in San Diego County....Read more

Video: San Diego's Collaborative Fire Preparedness Efforts

In partnership with the County, City, CAL FIRE and others to prevent and fight future wildfires,...Read more